Short Story

CentvinTiès was a music & art project initiated by KEITH BORIZZ from 2011 - 2015
and became the name of Keith's debut EP in 2016.

All the experience from jamming, rehearsing and playing gigs found it's way into the story and music of K.B. The roots to the C.T. project began even earlier in 2001 with a band called The Pagan's Offer, which was found by Keith M. and Manuel Hepp, who also happened to be the drummer on the first CD release of Keith Borizz. It took a rather long journey to come back together. CentvinTiès was meant to be an art project that combines different forms expression into one solid piece. Something like a "Gesamtkunstwerk" but with Improvisation.
Because of missing resources it didn't really happen this way for now. Instead Keith Borizz became singer-songwriter project with band but changing members. So their sound appears differently every time they play.