How to keep a long story short?

In 1999 Keith M. (Guit./Voc.) and Manuel Hepp (Drums) formed a band named ROUGH SURFACE. Thomas Barta (Voc.), F. de la Muerte (Guit.) and Christoph Breiner (Bass) completed the group.
This ensemble was only rehearsing and never made it out of the jam room.

The year 2001 brought some changes and Thomas B. left the band, so did Christoph B., too.
I became the new lead singer and Felipe helped out with backing vocals.
Paulina Antoszewska substituted the bass position.
THE PAGAN'S OFFER was born and had some live appearances during their time.
They split up in 2004 when Manuel H. went to Graz for studies.

From 2004 to 2013 Keith M. Borizz was mainly vocalist & lyricist but sometimes also guitarist & songwriter for several bands and projects, e.g. PUSH TO ERECT, BAD AUNT EVE, ED EXP., THE AGE BROS. BAND, etc. But in the first few years Keith continued to work on the old and some new material under the title of QUENTIN TIES but left it aside in 2006 to 2011.

In the year 2011 the project came to life again as CENTVIN TIÈS.
Keith made a first solo performance as C.T. in 2012 as closing act for a reading of literature.
The year after he made a gig with an ensemble of musicians with changing lead guitarists.
Still on the search for putting a band together Keith M. went on with creating new material and renewing the old. He rehearsed and jammed a lot with different people to find the right combination of musicians for the sound of C.T., for gigs and recordings. Without having a band but session musicians, Keith played some gigs in 2015. Together with Raffael Pirngruber, he recorded and produced the debut EP in the same year but finalized it in 2016 for the sale.
A great thank you belongs to MISSFELIDAE ILLUSTRATION for the artwork and final production.


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artists & musicians who are or were involved in the C.T.- project since 2011...


current members:

Keith M. Borizz - vocals, guitars, percussion, songwriting, art direction, production

Lizzy Cat - vocals, melodica

Mani Pull A Tor - drums, executive producer

Daniel "Zoggi" Zoglauer - e. bass

Felipe de la muerte - e. guitar


additional or former members:

Raffael Pirngruber - producing, mixing, songwriting, ac. guitar

Bernhard Küllinger - mixing, mastering, live drums

Christoph Althoff - piano, flute

Dany Bearded - blues guitar

Ron Morisson - director, video producer, photographer

Martin Kollroß - percussion

Uygar Cagli - e. bass 

Mario Schicklgruber - video producer, guitars, songwriter

JaWalker aka Country Roots Africa - percussion